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Foals 2006 - Part 2

5 yrs ago almost to the day, I went and took some photos of Foals recording a demo for a song called ‘The French Open’ at Truck Studios outside Oxford. I remember literally walking up to a barn in the countryside hearing staccato guitars from within. Two weeks earlier I had seen them play two shows in London and their music had blown me away in an instant. Who could have known what a crazy ride the last 5 years has been, and that they would become such great friends.

Here are some photos from that time…for foals…dm


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This pic of a ginger moustached isaac brock cuddling with a cat in a striped sweater with VISIBLE HIPBONE is the only thing keeping me alive at 5 am

Yannis at Rumble in the Jumble 2014 (x)

Esquire: What makes a good frontman?

Turner: Certainly, in this day and age, a sense of humour. Because it’s pretty ridiculous. In 1969, there probably weren’t many laughs in rock’n’roll. But then they were probably funny people. They had a sense of humour, they just didn’t use it. Not to name-drop, but we bumped into Robert Plant last night and he’s hilarious. Just funny, straight away. [These days] I think if you start taking it too seriously, which I’m, like, sometimes definitely in danger of doing… then it gets ugly. (x)