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Ryan Gosling-I-D Magazine

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”Plaza says her dream is to do a real ­middle-of-the-road romantic comedy, ­specifically one with Ryan Gosling, who once approached her in a juice bar to tell her he loves Parks and ­Recreation. “I’d work in a flower shop and be insecure. And he’d work in real estate—sorry, I’m pitching a movie to you.” She’s not sorry. She keeps pitching. “And there’s always cupcake batter on my face, and I’m like, ‘I just made these cupcakes, but I don’t know how I feel!’ And he’s like, ‘Let me get that cupcake batter off your face … with my dick.’” She’s cracking up. “Cut to me giving him a hand job. Sorry, I’ve had too much caffeine.” — NEW YORK MAGAZINE

“i’ve got nothing left for you. nothing.”

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Best of | Ryan Gosling.

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The Place Beyond The Pines: Deleted Scene - ‘Luke Goes to Jail’





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"At the mention of George – an 11-year-old mixed breed with a mohawk haircut – Gosling lights up for the first time. He’s described the animal as ‘the great love of my life’ – which must give Mendes, and his other long-term, ex, love, The Notebook’s Rachel McAdams, pause for thought.”

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